Online Booking Platform

MotoCloud Online is driven by a commitment to innovation and is proud to support you in the seamless transition to cloud-based event hosting. Our mission is to empower Australian Motorcycling Clubs and Race Organisers to take their event management to the next level with a fully supported online booking platform.

MotoCloud Online is a turn-key solution to event management that covers sales, ticketing, invoicing, attendee management, indemnity waiver storage and more.

Built by IT professionals with a specialist knowledge of motorcycling event planning, we understand this specialised market and the critical hurdles that organisers and clubbies face during the organisational process.

Key features:

  • Fully customisable booking forms
  • Payments and ticketing
  • Social media integration
  • Comprehensive reporting outputs
  • No joining fee or lock-in contracts
  • Indemnity waiver compatible with data storage
  • No Setup or Management Fee
  • Service Fee of 6% per booking inclusive of credit card charges
  • Easily managed refunds for cancellations
  • Best of breed online security
  • Onsite Support on race days

Fully customisable and flexible

Our user-friendly interface is simple to navigate and easy to set up. Booking forms can be customised to include racing classes, pace levels or garage groups and packaged up with indemnity waivers that can be signed off using any smartphone, laptop, desktop PC or tablet and stored securely by us for up to seven years.

The booking registration process is 100% online with e-tickets that are simple to access on all smartphones and compatible with whichever operating system your attendees are using. We also provide mobile friendly event check-in on site and give organisers the power to notify attendees with critical updates in real-time.

Highly versatile with added features to drive bookings

MotoCloud events can be easily published on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook so you can share event details with the public and tap into other qualified user groups to improve attendance figures and online engagement. We also ramp up the event through our own motorcycling social media platform which allows you to engage with other member groups instantly and extend your marketing reach.

“94% of enterprises already use a cloud service.” Hosting Tribunal 2021

“61% of businesses migrated their workloads to the cloud in 2020.” TechJury 2021

Save time and simplify motorcycling event management

Publish your events online and cut down on administration time devoted to attendee management. With MotoCloud’s event hosting you can manage multiple events and participants from one central source! It’s easy to upload supporting documents or online forms with critical information like indemnity waivers, site maps, scrutineering times, safety info or session running orders to the event listing page. We also take care of invoicing and ticketing with customisable email confirmations sent directly to invitees and our 100% online booking process empowers attendees to cancel or amend bookings so you don’t have to micromanage every query or ticket change. Running multiple events that are similar such as trackdays or race practices? No problem, MotoCloud Online events can be duplicated quickly and easily to start selling in minutes!

“89% of businesses using event technology save roughly 200 hours per year.” (Bizzabo 2019)

Low cost

There are no lock in contracts or joining fees to use MotoCloud’s Event Hosting Service. A fixed ‘Service Fee’ of 5% per booking applies which is inclusive of all credit card charges. Should an event need to be cancelled & refunds are issued to riders, the replacement event will be charged at 2.5% per booking. Credit vouchers are available to be issued to riders in place of refunds to keep costs to a minimum. All major credit cards accepted.

Privacy protection and reporting

We offer secure data storage and ensure that all attendee information is privacy protected with end-to-end encryption. Reporting outputs that meet the post-event requirements of motorcycling governing bodies can be viewed at the click of a button, and you can monitor real-time attendance or demographic data at any time leading up to the event to ensure you’re on track for success. Need to collate your data for financial reporting or analysis? No problem. Our system allows account administrators to export files in .csv or .xlsx for backup and access offline.

Fully supported

Supported by real people. MotoCloud staff are IT experts with firsthand experience managing motorcycling events including racing, track days and branded customer ride days. No chat bots, ever.

Talk to us today and take your motorcycling event management to the next level!