SMSP Ride Day (Road) 12-06-2023

Depending on when you arrive at the track, you may need park your car in the queue and await instructions by SMSP Ride Days staff. Once the gate opens at 6.30am, you will be directed to the Pit Paddock area.

Aside from reserved areas for groups and / or ARDC Members, garages are available for all attendees on a first-come first-served basis. Please be mindful that these are shared areas and limit your usage so that every rider has an appropriate amount of space.

Prior to getting on track, you will need to complete two processes…

1. Scrutineering – If you are riding your own bike, you will need to have it scrutineered. Announcements will be made indicating where scrutineering is located on the morning of the event. If you are hiring one of our BMW S 1000 RR’s, this does not apply.

2. Registration – To ride on the track you have to fill out the appropriate forms (which can be printed and completed prior to the day, or you can fill them out in the registrations area) and receive the appropriate wristbands, indicating which group you are riding in. The registration process happens upstairs in Suite #9.


Sydney Motorsport Park
Ferrers Rd, Eastern Creek NSW 2766


7:00 am - 4:00 pm


12 Jun 2023




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